Volume 1 | Issue 1 | October 2020–March 2021


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Road Map for the Journal and Achieving New Horizon in Coming Years
Hitesh N. Modi

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Guest Editorial 

Dedicating “BackBone- The Spine Journal” to the Spine Research
Katikeya P. Pathak

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Original Articles

Strategies of Avoiding Medicolegal Problems
Pankaj R. Patel

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Which is better in laborers? A comparison between Open and Micro Endoscopic Discectomy
Hitesh N. Modi, Tushar Kunder, Neel Bhavsar, Pankaj R. Patel

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Surgical Outcomes in Patients Operated for Cervical Myelopathy using Japanese Orthopaedic Association Cervical Myelopathy Evaluation Questionnaire
Subir N. Jhaveri, Samir J. Patel, Sharan S.Jhaveri, Nancy Modi, Jignasu Yagnik

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Inter-relation of Hypocalcaemia with Established Osteoporosis and DXA Analysis: A prospective study of 100 Indian subjects.
Bharat R. Dave, Himanshu Kulkarni, Devanand Degulmadi, Shivanand Mayi, Ravi Ranjan Rai, Kirit Jadav,
Ajay Krishnan

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Imaging in Thoracic Disc Prolapse: A Study of 25 Patients and Review of Literature
Devanand Degulmadi, Bharat R Dave, Ajay Krishnan, Shivanand Mayi, Ravi Ranjan Rai

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Case Reports

Primary Ewing’s Sarcoma of Lumbar spine treated with Neo-adjuvant Chemotherapy and Surgery- A Case Report
Rohit A Thaker, Himanshu Dodiya, Shrikant Dhanani, Ankur Patel

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Review Articles

Improving Spinal Cord Stimulators’ Outcomes: A literature Review
Gina Kelly-Vasquez

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Recurrent Lumbar Disc Herniation: A Narrative Review
Ghanshyam Kakadiya, Viraj Gandbhir, Kshitij Chaudhary

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