Back Bone: The Spine Journal is the official Journal of the Spine Association of Gujarat started in the year 2020. It is an open-access and double-blind peer-reviewed bi-annual (2 Issues Per Year) online journal. Although the editors welcome submissions from all over the world, the journal primarily aims to publish research in field of Spine Surgery including aetiopathology, clinical and radiographic outcomes, surgical technique and implant design, biomechanics, and biomaterials.

Starting Year of Journal: 2020 (October)
Frequency of Publication: Biannual (Two Issues Per Year)
Format of Publication: Online
Language of Articles: English
Publisher: Spine Association of Gujarat

Spine Association of Gujarat: 

SAG or the Spine Association of Gujarat is an organic amalgamation of the Gujarat Spine Association(GSA) and the Spine Surgeons Association of Gujarat (SSAG). It is the oldest regional spine association and was started in 1996 by late Dr Dinubhai Patel with the aim to develop medical interventions in spine as a specialty and spread awareness about spine surgery throughout Gujarat. As a result this association was formed with orthopedic and neurosurgeons with special interest in spine surgery.

Over the last 23years, the association has grown from an association formed by surgeons having a special interest to a fully dedicated platform for spine surgeons. In fact, more than a institution, it has become a platform for cross fertilisation of ideas in this speciality, the place for young surgeons and seniors to enhance principal and advanced knowledge of spinal disorders besides to explore latest surgical techniques through fellowships, trainings, teachings, lectures, seminars, workshops and discussions.

Today SAG has 332 members and a reputation of having the largest number of exclusive spine surgeons in India in one place. Supported by members and affiliated societies, every day, it is committed to bringing affordable and progressive spine care to everyone.

Aim of the Journal?

There are two main Aims of Back Bone: The Spine Journal; to produce a body of literature that is clinically relevant and to make this knowledge freely accessible to all. Journals have shown trend to move towards a more rigid framework of scientific publications, meanwhile losing the focus that Journals are meant to directly influence and improve patient care. Charging for downloading articles imposes another limitation on dispersion and use of knowledge. Back Bone: The Spine Journal intends to counter these two issues by creating a journal that is intelligent, interactive, and clinically relevant and at the same time completely Open Access.

The online version will be an open access source. The journal publishes original articles, systematic reviews and meta-analyses, instructional lectures, case reports, technical notes and letters to the editor.

Scope of the Journal

Back Bone: The Spine Journal will publish research in the field of Spine surgery including aetiopathology, clinical and radiographic outcomes, surgical technique and implant design, biomechanics, biomaterials, and Congenital disorders.